Do you have an umbrella?

What you should know about fire extinguishersAh, the joys of home. So many comforts — and so many risks. The dog, the teenage driver, the pool, the house parties, the monster tree that overhangs your neighbor's yard — any of these could be the stuff from which lawsuits arise. And many homeowners and auto insurance policies may not offer enough coverage for major personal-liability claims. What would you do if you accidentally caused damage or injuries which went beyond the coverage limits of your homeowners or auto insurance? What would you do if you found yourself on the wrong end of a multi-million dollar lawsuit? Naturally, most people don't expect the unthinkable to happen — but sometimes it does.

Caveat: Don’t assume that your homeowners insurance provides adequate coverage in the event you’re sued for your negligence which results in injury or damages.

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Consider what would happen if YOU were in THESE HEADLINES:

  • Your teenaged son or daughter involved in a tragic accident, and other families suing you for providing the car and insurance
  • Your company provided goods or services that were used by another company improperly, and you are being sued for damages
  • Your pet is provoked and bites someone - or even more frustrationg, a neighbor's dog comes to your yard and bites someone - and you are sued

Even if a jury doesn't drop a million-dollar debt into your lap, the costs of fighting these kinds of lawsuits can empty your bank account.  When life brings the unexpected, our goal is to help get you back where you belong as quickly as possible.  A Farmers Personal Umbrella Policy can give you the security and peace of mind you'll need to get through the storm.

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