Free Dental Services For Children In February

A free annual Give Kids a Smile event, offering free dental sealants and flouride varnish for children ages 1-18, is from 8:30 a.m. to noon Feb. 24 at North County Health Services, 150 Valpreda Road, San Marcos, and Neighborhood Healthcare, 425 N. Date St., Escondido. Also, kindergartners can get a free oral health assessment screening for school. Walk-ins are welcome, but children with appointments have priority. To make an appointment, call (619) 692-8858.


It's a winter day. You've been on the road for 30 minutes — and it just stopped raining. Weird, you think, the tires aren't making that faint hum they usually do… Suddenly you feel your car drift sideways. There's a flash of white. When the dust settles, the airbag is in your lap. "I hit a patch of black ice," you tell the officer. "There was nothing I could do."

Or was there?

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Earthquake Preparedness Tips

Although he studies earthquakes for a living, Keith Knudsen never gets used to them. "It's like a truck slamming into your house that sets off a chain reaction. The earth beneath you moves, then the house, and then everything inside it." Knudsen, deputy director of earthquake science at the U.S. Geological Survey, has lived along the Hayward Fault near Berkley, California, for the past 25 years.

What does the earthquake scientist tell his own family to consider doing when they feel a rumble? "Without a doubt: drop to the floor, cover your head and hold on," Knudsen says. "Hold on to something sturdy like the leg of desk or table, and get under it if you can. Don't run outside, stand in a doorway or do a million other things you might have heard. Just remember: drop, cover, hold on." Just as important, he says, is having an earthquake preparedness strategy that goes beyond knowing what to do during an earthquake. It's what you do to your home ahead of time, he says, that can help save lives and reduce property damage.

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Insurance Gaps: Carpooling

When you take the wheel with friends or co-workers in your car, you also take responsibility for protecting them, morally and legally.

Your auto liability insurance covers damages and injuries you’re legally responsible for after an accident, but it also cover injuries to other people in your car. That means the more co-workers or friends you drive with, the greater the risk to you personally to have to cover them.

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