Safer cars = unsafe roads? Perhaps …

Drive SafelyIt’s called the Peltzman Effect, and although it may be hard to prove, it points to a potentially disturbing trend: Drivers who feel safer in their cars tend to take greater risks.1 And that may mean more crashes.

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Don’t Text and Drive

Don't Text while DrivingBy now, everybody knows that cell phones and/or texting while driving can be a deadly distraction — right? Apparently not: Studies show that distracted driving is still a serious threat on the nation’s roads, and teens are the most at risk, because they tend to engage in this behavior more often than adult drivers.1

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Mom the chauffeur - Understand your auto insurance

Mom the chauffeur Understand your auto insurance“Mom the shuttle bus driver.” Does that sound like you or someone you know? It may not be your “full-time job,” but if you have young children at home you probably take your turn at shuttling kids to and from after-school or weekend activities. You probably don’t even think about your auto insurance in this context but maybe you should — transporting kids (your own and others) comes with certain risks that could affect your insurance.

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Precious cargo on board

Protect Yourself and everything that's importantIf you have children, you know how important it is that they're secured when you're driving with them. But did you know incorrect usage of a car seat is common — and that even a minor mistake in usage can cause serious injury?1 Here are some tips that may help you use your child's car seat correctly:

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Don’t you be guilty of DWD

(Driving While Distracted)

Don’t you be guilty of DWD (Driving While Distracted)You probably know the old saying: “I’m being driven to distraction.” Well, when it comes to the highways, too many people are driving while distracted.  And according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatalities associated with driver distraction are on the rise.1

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